Common misconceptions people have about history

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In a world where fake news and alternative facts are running rampant, it’s important to know what is true and what is not. Especially when it comes to history. Most of our knowledge about history has been told from the perspective of the victors or those who offer a more acceptable or romanticized idea of a historical account. This means that some accounts have been left out or given less weight than they deserve creating many historical misconceptions.

Being my favorite subject in both college and high school, I always looked forward to History class. Every history teacher I had…

Tips on how to become a better communicator and lessons we can learn from communication in other cultures around the world

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Body language is a powerful form of communication that helps us understand what others are thinking and feeling in the moment. It’s important to become more in tune with your own body language if you want to get good at understanding what you are saying when you aren’t saying anything at all.

Most people think they’re doing an okay job at reading another person’s nonverbal cues when really they’re just making guesses based on their own culture or past experiences. However, body language is about understanding another person who may, or may not, have different communicative patterns than you.


The platform is not only profitable for sexy pictures.

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OnlyFans, the content-sharing platform, has earned a reputation for its many adult entertainers who share explicit content to their subscribers. Ultimately, panic arose after word of a potential ban on sexual content, but that didn’t end up happening.

Many wiped the sweat off their forehead, but the potential ban left others questioning what would happen if OnlyFans were to become an adult entertainment free platform?

Can you still earn good money on OnlyFans without using your body pics?

Yes, you can!

OnlyFans was originally designed for content creators of all sorts to monetize their work while developing a close connection…

The creepiest thing he ever did was show up on my doorstep after I moved

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Now, let me start by saying I am not speaking for all men. I’m sure there are a few good apples out there, and those that can take a hint. However, I used to be baffled about how to politely tell the bad apples that I wasn’t interested, for the 50th time.

Women only like being pursued when you are who we want pursuing. Anything else can be annoying or sometimes even creepy. …

Common questions people have about protected speech and the rights of both private companies and the public

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I have mentioned this a time or two in several self-help articles regarding working from home or productivity in your writing career. Whenever I visit a website, the first question that comes into my mind is-

“How are they making money?”

Social media is not exempt from that question. If I’m going to be a part of a platform, I want to know what my purpose is. Why am I here? Why do they need me here? …

Communication problems between parents who want what’s best for their kids

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Co-parenting can be a difficult task, especially for high-conflict parents. It’s important to remember that it is possible to co-parent with your ex even if it seems difficult.

If you’re a co-parenting parent, you know firsthand that it’s not easy. There are many challenges to face as well as the often difficult situation of having to be in contact with an ex. You may have experienced high levels of conflict and tension, low levels of cooperation and acceptance, or the highs and lows in between.

It can be tough to balance the needs and interests of both parents and children…

Four major red flags that indicate you may be dealing with a narcissist without knowing it.

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It is true that the word “narcissist” is used a lot, but it is a skill worth knowing how to spot one in real life. Narcissism is typically something we have all encountered at some point in our lives. In fact, those close to you may be narcissists, and it may be in a less obvious way.

Here are four major red flags that you may be dealing with a narcissist and may not even know it.

Superiority Complex

Narcissists consider themselves superior and are therefore willing to exploit other people to their own advantage. Narcissistic individuals often violate personal boundaries because…

Debates, however trivial, can be tiresome

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Many of us subconsciously try to avoid talking to someone about a different point of view because our default nature is to convince them they are wrong, and really, we just don’t want to. Debates, however trivial, can be tiresome, even for a person who solidifies that personality of his own to just simply agree to disagree.

Sometimes, the argument isn’t worth sharing our own opinions. So, we keep our mouths shut.

Some of us have experienced the aftermath of the road — trip length discussions on exhausting topics such as politics or religion. Some of us have been the…

When our brains are wired on auto-pilot!

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Each day, your thoughts conjure up a conversation with yourself. This dialogue is known as self-talk. Self-talk reflects how you feel about yourself and your life. It can be a source of motivation or a hindrance to achieving your goals. What you say to yourself has a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

Self-talk is a powerful thing.

It can boost confidence and self-worth, as well as help you cope with stress and other life situations. The way we talk to ourselves can determine how we feel about ourselves. If we say negative things about ourselves, the more…

What To Do When We Feel Alone

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Loneliness can be described as a feeling of emptiness and void. The feeling is often triggered by the feeling of isolation and can be experienced in many different ways. It can make us feel sad, anxious, lost, and even unloved. It doesn’t really matter how we feel about it; loneliness is overall bad for our health. Previous studies have indicated that loneliness can have a negative effect on our well-being and quality of life.

Loneliness is a feeling that can happen to anyone.

It’s a complex phenomenon that is related to many things such as one’s environment, personality, and social…

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