The Reasons Why I Won’t Argue With You

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Did you ever feel obligated to keep fighting just to “win the argument?” You just had to have the last word because you are scared of being wrong? Maybe you were worried about what someone else thought about you?

The truth is, arguing is a futile activity that has no winners. Arguments can never create a sense of understanding or acceptance of one’s point of view. They just leave both sides feeling angry and frustrated (and sometimes guilty too). …

Small changes that can make big differences

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In today’s world, we are often pulled in many directions at once. As a result, we often feel overwhelmed and stressed out, or not sure of which way to go. Luckily, there are many ways to improve our lives, “without really trying.”

When I say “without really trying,” I don’t mean it will be easy or the lazy way of making a better life for yourself. I mean things we can choose to implement in our lives now without making a drastic, exhausting change. …

Common misconceptions people have about history

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In a world where fake news and alternative facts are running rampant, it’s important to know what is true and what is not. Especially when it comes to history. Most of our knowledge about history has been told from the perspective of the victors or those who offer a more acceptable or romanticized idea of a historical account. This means that some accounts have been left out or given less weight than they deserve creating many historical misconceptions.

Being my favorite subject in both college and high school, I always looked forward to History class. Every history teacher I had…

Thank you for stopping by on this journey!

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There is something about me that you wouldn’t know if you saw me on a good day. Something I struggle with internally and externally. If there was something about myself that I could change, this would definitely be it.

I’ve kept this from most of my friends, some family members, and anyone that I imagine would see me differently. (Which is most I fear) I work very hard to keep my secret a secret, until now that is.

So, here it goes. I am a young woman who suffers from thinning hair and hair loss.

A lot of factors can…

If keyboards could talk, mine would say,

You haven’t left your house in twenty eight days.

I know you searched “how to relax” four times this week,

With a trembling hand, your index finger takes the lead.

You type in “Where has God gone?”

Then you curse under your breath when caps lock on.

You get up and dance when you find the right song.

But I’m stuck on this desk, nowhere to go.

If I had legs, I would leave you at home.

These walls are my prison you must feel safe in.

You stare outside shaking from the…

Because it is still important.

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Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like they were a good person? You felt like you could trust them and rely on them. These are people with whom you might develop an easy friendship. They leave a positive first impression on others that lasts long after they’ve gone.

You might be at your best friend’s wedding, a job interview, or even meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time.

Whatever the occasion, you want to make a great first impression. Meeting with people is one of the most common and both stressful…

I’m not just talking about my bank account.

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I didn’t really know what to expect when I first started writing for Medium. There were a lot of changes happening in my life at the time, and I wanted to do something for me. I mean, I write for clients all the time, but what about what I want to write to write about?

I went in with an open mind, but the blank page excited and scared me at the same time. As many of you know, this last month happened to be my first serious month on the platform. …

Some abusive patterns are more subtle than others

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An emotionally abusive relationship can be difficult to understand. It often comes in a package that looks like love, care, and support. But just because you are being treated well doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t abusive.

Emotional abuse is one of the most common forms of violence experienced by women, and it takes many different forms. Here are a few ways to tell if you are in an abusive relationship.

A Girl’s Journey Of Becoming Comfortable In Her Own Skin

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I admit it; I wouldn’t go anywhere if I wasn’t wearing makeup.

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide I wouldn’t wear makeup though. I probably should of.

This all started with being tired. I was tired.

After having my first daughter, I suffered post partum depression, sleepless nights, and many changes that happen once you become a parent.

I thought of all the things I would have to give up. I decided to cut down on the time it took me to get ready. I still wore some makeup, but not every day. It surprised me of…

One Individual Can Change An Entire Perspective of Life

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Imagine living a life without the past or future to shape us, without sentimental memories to comfort us, or a random scramble between them all. Imagine the frustration of working hard towards our later years and not being able to enjoy them by sitting on the front porch reminiscing of the good old days.

For privacy reasons and respect for his family, we will call him Joe. Joe’s mind didn’t work like it used to. He had Alzheimer’s disease and was at the time living in a nursing home and struggling to remember things as they were.

My mom had…

Nicole Waite

Nicole Waite is a Freelance Writer who loves giving back to the community. Twenty percent of all earnings will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation.

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